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Betty White Litter
Betty White Litter

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We are a dedicated team of volunteers that are passionate about animal welfare and give our time, resources and hearts to the pursuit of ending animal abuse and homelessness. When we started DHR we made a commitment that every animal that walks through our doors, receives our support for the rest of their lives, regardless of the circumstances. We strive to not only inspire more animal advocates like us, to join our team, but to educate and make an impact on the cycle of abuse and neglect in our communities. We recognize that without the tireless work of our volunteers, we would not be able to execute our mission, and strive to create and foster an environment of inclusion and appreciation, to all those involved in our DHR family.

Pet of the week

Eeyore! Did you know bunnies are the most frequently surrendered pets? While they may seem small and manageable, these small creatures require fresh veggies, lots of litter upkeep and supervision just like any other pet. To Read more about Eeyore and the home he is looking for click here!

Wish list item of the week

Medium-Large sized dog crates! We want to make sure all of the animals in our care are comfortable and SAFE. One of the best ways to prevent accidents or costly vet visits from happening is by ensuring our animals are crate trained. For more information on how you can help provide for a dog in need please visit our donate page.

Virtual Sale Item of the week!

Have you seen our new store? Check out all our merchandise with all proceeds going straight to our veterinary costs here!


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