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Fostering SAVES lives!

Not sure that your ready to be a pet owner but still love animals? Tired of Tinder and want to meet someone the old fashioned way (with an adorable animal)? Never owned an animal and not sure now is the right time? Want to help give back to the community but don't have the finances to make donations? Want your kids to grow up with a companion but not sure what temperament best suites your family? Want to help make a difference in a homeless animals life but not sure how? Foster!

Every day in Canada countless animals are put down in overcrowded shelters simply because they have been there too long without finding a family to call their own. That's where animal rescues come in! DHR prioritizes animals who's lives are in jeopardy at over crowded shelters and places them in care at one of our loving foster homes!


Fostering requires only your time, dedication to our training program and patience, we take care of the rest! Upon your foster arriving into care one of our dog experienced team members will conduct an initial assessment to ensure our selected foster home will be well equipped to handle the needs of that particular dog. Once an assessment has been completed we will arrange a mutually convenient time to meet your new temporary family member with all the required supplies!

Don't have the training experience of Cesar Millan? Us neither! BUT we will give you all the tools and resources that we have available to help both you and your foster to succeed. If you are patient, dedicated and love animals, we would love to have you on board!  

Our combined years of rescue experience, working with animals and highly qualified trainers has taught us a thing or two about working with animals! We have used this experience and created cheat sheets and training videos for our fosters and adopters to help guide them through everyday life with a new pet, training exercises and even brain games! While we have lots of experience we also rely heavily on a dedicated group of professional trainers for advice and training when needed  and work closely with them and our foster families on our more challenging cases!

Not sure if you can handle the emotional roller coaster that comes with fostering? We assure you once you do it once your hooked! There is no greater feeling than watching an animal that you have saved, made comfortable, taught rules and structure to, and loved walk out the door tail wagging because it has found the perfect home! If you don't believe us, check our out testimonials

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