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Foster FAQ's

I live outside of Ottawa can I still foster?

Absolutely! If you are willing to drive to our events and veterinary appointments, we would love to have you on board! We generally prefer to keep our fosters within about an hour range of Ottawa to keep transportation easier on everyone!

Do I get to choose the adoptive home for my foster?

DHR and our representatives will assess, screen and contact all potential homes prior to arranging a home visit with your foster dog. If a friend or coworker is interested in adopting your foster dog they are still required to complete the formal adoption process. 

What are the benefits of fostering?

Fostering not only saves the life of an animal in need but it also can be beneficial to those in your home. We provide training on how to integrate a new pet into your home and maintain a structured environment for future pets! Fostering is also great for other animals in the home by helping to socialize them! It is also an amazing way to practice what we preach to kids by teaching them compassion, and promoting helping those in need!

How long does a foster generally stay in my home?

Foster dogs are in care for a minimum of 3 weeks, this allows our team time for vetting appointments and to get to know the fosters personality before we start looking for a forever home! Fosters can stay anywhere from a few weeks to a few months but don't worry we have foster babysitters to take over if your foster stays longer than expected and interferes with travel plans!

I live in an apartment can I still foster?

 Absolutely! We think apartment and condo dog owners/fosters can be the most responsible because walks are mandatory at every bathroom break! We recommend having a discussion with your neighbors to let them know you may be fostering to ensure everyone is on board and we can catch any potential conflicts before they occur. Please ensure you have discussed your interest in fostering with your landlord or property manager prior to applying as we will contact them to get their approval.

If i fall in love with my foster can I adopt?

If you hope to adopt please apply to adopt rather than foster and we will work to find the perfect match. However we do understand that foster fails happen we ask that if you fall in love with your foster you let us know you intend to adopt within the first two weeks of your foster being in care to avoid us breaking potential adopters hearts after a dog has been publicly posted. We still follow the same procedures with our foster adopters as we do with our public adopters.

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