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Foster Process

  1. Applying:​ After an application is received one of our team members will reach out to your references and discuss your application. We then will give you a call so that you can get to know us and have the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have about the process. 

  2. Home Visit:  Once you have gotten the opportunity to get to know your rescue contact or foster coordinator, our foster coordinator will arrange a time to meet with you and your family in your home. It is absolutely necessary that your entire family (anyone that lives in your home) is present for this visit. This includes; husbands, children, cats, your brother in law that has been "visiting" for the last 6 months and your roommates girlfriend that isn't on the lease but basically lives there anyway. We want to get to meet and establish a relationship with everyone in the household so we can make sure we are placing our fosters accordingly. You may be the primary care taker of the animal however ensuring everyone is on the same page is the best way to ensure the process can be successful! At this visit we will discuss our training program, our rules and guidelines as well as discuss your experience and abilities with animals.

  3. Placement: When we have an animal in care that we feel would be suitable to your household, our foster team will contact you to discuss the personality and general size, breed of the dog. If you agree that this dog matches your abilities we will arrange a time as soon as possible to introduce you to your new foster and discuss introductory procedure and settling in time so your new addition can begin the journey to finding their forever home. We will then set up a contact group with our management as well as foster teams to keep everyone updated on the progress, set backs and of coarse those adorable photos! We will also use this group to discuss and book vetting appointments, and when the time comes, meet and greets!

  4. Vetting: Once your foster has had some well needed decompressing time, we will contact you to set up an appointment with a DHR approved vet. If you are able we highly encourage our fosters to take their dogs to their vetrinary appointments as they are the most comfortable with you and change is scary- especially at the vet! However in cases where transportation is not available, please let us know right away so we can begin to make alternative arrangements for your foster. Once a foster is fully vetted they are ready for their forever homes!

5. Finding The One: Finding the ideal adopters can be just as challenging as navigating the world of internet dating today. Applicants are not always honest, and are sometimes looking more at the cute face rather than reading the bio, but after long enough of searching for the right fit we always find "the one." We have you (the foster) help us to find the right fit by completing detailed descriptions of your foster's, behaviors, quirks, where they still have some room to improve, and what their ideal home might look like. Of coarse cute photos help too! Once we find the right application, have called references and talked to applicants at length, we will arrange a time to meet with you and the potential adopter to see if it's a match! We prefer to meet somewhere where the animal is familiar with and comfortable so that they are on regular behavior but if having strangers visiting your home isn't your cup of tea, let us know and we will accommodate! If all goes well we will send the adopter a contract and await their response. Once we have received the signed contract and donation our team will let the foster know and arrangements for pick up/ drop off to the new home can be made. 

6. The Hard Part: For many of our fosters saying goodbye can be the hardest part of the experience. DHR ensures that our fosters are connected with our network of volunteers, other foster families and friends to help provide emotional support not only at the end but throughout the process so please do not hesitate to reach out at any time. We also hold regular foster meet ups (with and without foster animals) so that you can get to know other like minded people and establish more meaningful relationships with your rescue family. We also want to ensure a smooth transition and allow our fosters to take a well deserved break in between fosters so we generally leave a 4 week gap in between, in case your foster needs to return to you for whatever reason and so you can get some well deserved R&R.  We also ensure that we keep in touch with our adopters so that you can see cute update photos on your fosters progress in their new lives!


We can only save as many animals as we have fosters, so please consider fostering to save a life!

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