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Lost Dog Prevention 

It’s a big world out there and dogs love to explore and without the benefit of a cell phone, even the dogs who are homebodies can find themselves lost. Dogs—especially purebreds—may be snatched from their own yard by a dognapper looking to make some easy money. Here’s a checklist to make sure your dog doesn’t end up on an unplanned adventure.


Always watch! You may have a fenced in yard but if you don’t have an eye on your pet, they could have run out of a gate that was left open, dug a hole under the fence to freedom, or be stolen by a criminal. Likewise, if you’re walking your dog, don’t tie them up to the parking meter outside your favorite store or coffee shop while you run errands. Your dog could slip their collar, chew through their leash, or be stolen. 


Keeping your city or towns registration up to date! If an animal control officer picks up a dog that matches the description you provided when registering, they will have an easier time identifying and contacting you.


Leashed dogs are safer dogs!Whenever possible, keep your dog on a good leash (like a slip lead) when out and about. Even if you’re just doing a quick run to the mail box, a stray squirrel or rabbit in the corner of your dog’s eye could cause them to bolt into traffic or down the street. It could easily result in your dog getting lost, or worse, injured or killed in traffic.


Crates! If you know the movers will be in and out of your home all day, keep your pet safe in their crate to eliminate an accidental door left open leading to a lost dog.


Microchips! Veterinarians and their technicians can insert a small chip underneath your pets skin in a matter of seconds. This way if a dogs collar is lost or removed the chip can be scanned to identify your ownership in a case of a stolen dog, and veterinary offices to contact you if the dog is brought to them while lost. Pounds and shelters use them too! Just be sure all your contact information is kept up to date!


Avoid stressful situations for your dog. If your dog is terrified of fireworks, the Canada day celebration may not be something on their to do list. Instead, utilize their crate so they can feel safe while you are out enjoying the show.

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