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If you are considering rehoming your dog because of... 

  • behavioral or training issues. It might feel like the "perfect home" could be the best solution for the behavioral issues your experiencing, but unfortunately not many dog trainers live in the woods without other people or animals around. Believe it or not old dogs can learn new tricks, we do it all the time! What is much harder to change is the environment that created the challenge itself, and sometimes that means taking a good long look in the mirror with the help of a certified professional and changing your behavior. We know it sounds like a lot of work but we guarantee your pet would do it for you.

  • a new baby? We know you want to give the absolute best to both your human and fur babies! We know first hand how challenging bringing a new baby into your home can be, things you once did without issue can turn into distant dreams (like showers!) but did you know that both you, and your human baby can benefit from having an animal in your home? Animals help reduce your risk of mental health problems like post partum depression. We want to make sure as many animals stay in loving homes as possible so if you need any advice, or support in how to navigate this stressful change, please contact our alumni coordinator!

  • lack of exercise or change in job? Dog walking companies offer a wide variety of options to help give your dog the exercise it requires to keep it well-balanced and happy.


Please only contact us about surrendering your animal after you have explored all these options. 

If, after seeking professional help, you still need to rehome your dog and would like DHR to consider taking the dog into our rescue, please contact us by filling out our application and we will help you as best we can. Surrendering a dog should be a last resort after having exhausted all other options, as this is a very stressful and confusing experience for all dogs. Please understand that dogs will almost always regress with their behaviour issues or health conditions when rehomed to a temporary foster due to stress, insecurities and change. We hope that before making this decision, you have considered and tried to rehome to a family member or friend who can better give your dog the life they deserve. We especially hope you have consulted a trainer, behaviourist, vet, etc (sometimes more than one) and have made changes to help your dog succeed in your home. Commitment is scary but a dog is a family member and should not just be considered an after thought. We charge a $50 surrender fee per dog to help cover the costs of their care during their time with us. 


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