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When we founded DHR we made a commitment to ourselves and our rescue that we will commit 100% of any donations to our animals. This means we rely completely on a group of passionate and dedicated volunteers to do our books, run our events, respond to emails, transport animals and everything else that goes into rescue!

We love volunteers of all ages, abilities, ethnicity's and skill sets and we would love to have you on board! Some examples of things we often need volunteers for are:

  • Helping out at events (dog washes, bake sales, nail trims, bottle drives)

  • Fundraising (Handing out donation or event letters to local businesses, collecting bottles)

  • Dog walking 

  • Transportation (Driving animals to veterinary appointments, bringing a dog with you on your flight, helping volunteers get to events)

  • Helping keep animals calm and happy during events

  • Foster babysitting (taking in a foster dog while their foster parent is on vacation or away for the weekend, or has a long day at work)

Coordination Roles: Foster Coordination team, Book keeping, Adoption team, Alumni team, Transportation team, Vetting Team, Admin Team, Social Media Team

​​Help make a difference and sign up
to volunteer today!

If you have any ideas for events that you would like to help host, are looking for volunteer hours, or want to help but aren't sure how you would fit in please email us with a little bit of information about yourself and we would be happy to make suggestions!

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