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2 years | Cattle dog Mix | White/Brown/Black Coat | house trained | Requires Slow Introductions to New Dogs | High Energy | Kids 13+ | Leash trained (with training tools) | Not an off leash dog  | No Cats 

Oh, those eyes. Oh, that face. Behind those beautiful eyes is a very active and intelligent brain. Winnie needs a home that will give her ample exercise, as she is a very active dog, as well as a home that can give her time and patience. She can be quite rude when meeting people and dogs, sometimes barking and lunging when on leash - but has been making great progress as her confidence in her handler has built. But man oh man, she is friendly and oh so loving of her people.

When inside, she barks at new noises and people who are not hers on/near the property but is learning that foster mom and dad will keep her safe and she doesn't always need to let them know as soon as anything moves. Winnie loves to hike and discover new places, splashing and playing in the water to swim and retrieve balls! She gets super excited about seeing fishing gear, kayaks, and hearing boats in water. She likes other dogs, kids, and people, but as stated, can be a bit intimidating as she needs to learn manners when meeting new critters. She has a high prey drive for squirrels and chipmunks while on walks so we do not recommend her to a home with cats at this time. When walking her on leash, her nose is down and constantly following new scents.

She loves to follow her chosen person around, whether to constantly move with, lay at their feet, or just go outside with.

Winnie is in no way destructive and has been very polite at her home alone while her foster mom has been away. 


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She will lie on the couch or bed if you allow it, and even if you don’t she will always try to sneak her way up! Winnie is still learning that her foster mom handles the walks and not her, but has been making great progress. She can sit, come, and is working on down. She will sit and wait quietly when you hand signal one finger up. She is also slowly learning “shh” with the relevant hand signal but to her might still mean “if I stop barking I will get a treat, and then I can bark again”!

Winnie rides very well in the kennel in the car but can be quite rambunctious uncrated, so a crate while travelling is a must for this girl. She loves the car as she will jump in an open door, truck bed, or trunk of any vehicle.

Winnie loves a schedule and will remind you when it is time for something. While in foster care, Winnie walks 3 times a day with 1-2 swims, the duration of her choosing. Bedtime is 9pm, and she is quiet in her crate until morning.

Her crate is always open, and she has headed there a few times to simply rest. Whoever chooses Winnie will be very fortunate indeed! Winnie will make someone a lovely and loyal best friend, and deserves the very best forever home.

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